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It had been a while since I wrote real articles to share with everyone.

Hope everyone is doing good.

Lately I started freelance work from writing Ebooks, proof reading, writing articles, short stories.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need to any job to be done regarding books, children books, drawing, poems, proof reading.

Price can be decided based on the work required to be completed.

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Life with Music

How does life start with music, which makes us celebrate the moment.

When music is there, no thoughts can roam around apart than yourself wishing to sing and dance around.

I am herewith oxford book of carols since 1928

Where lifes take you around with joy.

Christmas Carols for young and old.

~ A virgin most pure

~ Irish Carols

~ Dark the Night

~ Coventry Carols

~ Wonder tidings

~ Sussex Mummers Carols

~ Dives and Lazarus

~ Three Kings

~ Spanish Carol

~ Coverdale’s Carol

With 400 carols all the way to enjoy the moments.

Feel free to contact me at phoenix.asia09

Each Carol charges usd 0.99 via paypal will be sent directly to your email id.

Feel the emptiness with joy.


Mirror of life

Everyone makes friends, relation then make plot to ruin them.

Full life they spend their time doing evil against other’s happiness, peace , wealth.

But one forget while projecting death to other, life is going to be end with death.

Why run out of truth when life will end with death .

One can win money,

One can win power,

One can win fame, love, hatred and all things in life.

Can anyone win over death?

One can be overjoyed with ruin but cannot fail to joy the death.

Wrote by Rksandhu

Life is a magic

God created stairs for everyone .

One way of stairs is success, happiness, wisdom, long life, blessing, many more as a bliss .

Another way of stairs while climbing for success if you need to really walk down those stairs of Ego, Hatred, Jealously, Bitterness, Lies and the negative.

So don’t always wish to climb those stairs of positive when times require to walk down with those negative within us, don’t shy away it is meant for using both ways.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Thank you

Wrote by Rksandhu


Whatever dies

Whatever dies is not a life anymore

But the hopes, inspiration , dreams, happiness that dies in the form of human.

Life is not meant to count the days we spent on earth, but the days we cherished without saying today is not bad day.

We cry on a bad day sit and pray, but when happiness foresee our door and say hello, we tend to forget that moment is meant to be remembered and cherish.

One say I will do this tomorrow yes it will come , but what will happen to our today which is granted , no one thinks that fact of life.

A leave fall on ground we say it was old lived its days , just look up to see the tree with the branch looks dull when the leaf flown with the air the ground.

Live for today, don’t worry about tomorrow.

Wrote by Rksandhu

Is human brain like a juggler on earth

All the amazing and powerful or terrible things we make rely on brains thinking them up in first place.

Our brains also allow us to do anything which is superior than animal.

Human brain tricks others off in drawing, music, maths, sport or anything.

Brains work to colors and shape where it perform happiness, saddness, mean attitudes, hate, envy and many others.

So next time going to circus may be you can perform the trick tooo..

Thank you for your time.

Wrote by rksandhu

North and South Pole

The north and south pole are surrounded by ice, which can melt in the future.

It is like cat with broom with a bed of moon.

North is on the top of world and it is very cold ocean with polar bears and whales , fat walruses.

In winter it is frozen cold it melt fairly easily when summer comes.

Sea ice in the north has been melting away for decades and in some summers there is only half an ice cap there instead of a whole one.

South Pole is permanent bases ice of Antarctica is melting especially at the edges and one day it could all be gone.

It is melting point as sea rise up higher, which could be a problem.

A hundred million years ago, the whole world was so warm that dinosaurs lived in steamy swamps at the South pole.

If the ice melts again who knows what will be living there next?

Any guess .

Wrote by rksandhu