The whispering lake ghost

Today I spent another 30 minutes going through a short story of children which is illustrated ny German Torres.

A mystery about sound by Lynda Beauregard, where it explains how the sound vibrates that moves in wave.

Souns how it was experimented with the pitch or the frequency of the sound wave.

How to calculate thunders and lighting 1125 x 5 = 5625 feet which means a mile away where the lighting struck on the ground.

Very nice and informative book.

If you have time read the book.

Thank you

Wrote by rksandhu

Reading day

Sunday was real relaxing reading story book “The Tempest” classical comic the entire play in quick modern english for fast paced reading.

Graphic novel, William Shakespeare

The story start with royal king was thrown out of kingdom with his daughter in a small boat just for the sake of rule of new king who was none other than his own brother plotted with his enemy.

A interesting book which outpaced every angle of comic making one understand and tuned for two hours reading.

Excellent, if anyone having interest to read this book just check out in the bookstore or else,leave me a message.

Thank you

Wrote by rksandhu

Monkey Day

The friendship of monkey and banana is like ice cream in the summer season.

Bananas contain fructose like sugar which gives the monkeys the energy they need to do full day with their fun.

Monkey eat fruits, vegetables, seeds and leaves especially banana as it is very sweet.

Different monkey have different way of eating bananas, as they are soft, squashy. The greedy one eats the banana whole, skin and all.

Some monkey are not very good at peeling the strong skin and instead roll the banana really hard until the soft part squeezes out of the ends.

Isn’t it clever of monkey 🤗🤗.

Copyright and wrote by Rksandhu

Pink lotus

God created lotus on earth as a power of love, joy and happiness, honouring our god and goddess.

The pink and white make our life bright.

Wrote by Rksandhu

A mystery within my eyes

Look into the eyes.

Everyday waking up doing same routine made no difference to the life, but a knock on the door which is not attended can make life miserable.

Women dream to be protected, care and loved by everyone but when unfortunate situation happens that struck the light from the thunderbolt reflect on the face.

You can read the eyes of a female to know if situation was accepted with joy or shock.

This drawing is made by me if you can read through please leave a comment.

Thank you for your time.

Copyright and wrote by Rksandhu

A lost path

I was born to lose my way, to see in this life how many will come my way.

If I didn’t suppose to loose my way and kept walking the way when lord ask me I would have nothing to say.

While walking the lost and unknown way, I met many people who left after a while and only few thought to stay and walk the way.

I remember my lord have told hold the faith strong despite there are many storms alot of people passby like a leaf but real ones help you pass through the difficult way.

As I return my lord I will tell the full story what I learnt while passing this way.

To be continued 😄

Wrote by Rksandhu