Climate Issues

Alan reporting on Climate change.

Many factors affects the temperature of a place.

These are latitude, distance of sea, the nature of nearby ocean currents, altitude, wind, cloud cover and many others.

Thickness of the atmosphere affects the temperature .

While Radiation passes through the near poles with low approach causing scattered and reflected energy losing over the equatorial areas.

Sunray penetrate to greater depth distributing energy to wider areas.

Cold currents cools the air by reducing the evaporation from the ocean and producing dry conditions.

Air under pressure of lower altitudes is denser and therefore warmer.

The latitudes prevailing winds from the land lower the winter temperatures but raising in summer.

Cloud cover decreases the amount of insolation reaching the surface by reflecting some of it while leaving the surface by absorbing the radiation.

Many others discovery to go and share stay with Alan and Donna.

Thank you so much.


Cartoon Journalist

Urbanisation with Impact on Enivornment

Everyday we face pollution coming from Air, Water , Noise , Land.

Issues caused by pollution cannot be blamed with the country population.

The hardcore reason is pollution caused by plastics, electronic products, waste creating toxics.

These products disposed in sea, landfill , even spreading in air causing the hazardous waste.

Solid paper increasing the blockage of liquid sewage and industrial causing harm to drink water when disposed.

Rise of carbon monoxide , nitrogen oxide to low level zone create a spat of hazard to air quality by vehicles.

Alan with Donna describe Month of July truly with no clean air to breathe with people focusing to use more electricity to maintain cool surrounding.

Thank you so much for reading.

Wrote by Rksandhu

Journey to explore Earth!

Today is my first day to start research with help of Alan and Donna about the Earth.

It is first day but earth is so round that it will take many days and years to explore .

Stay with me to know why actually earth is green , as well we human making it red, ” danger zone!”.

This is my first post as Cartoon Journalist.

I will be updating you everyday with my researcher Alan and Donna.

Day one 12th July, 2019.

Thank you

Rk Sandhu


Life with Music

How does life start with music, which makes us celebrate the moment.

When music is there, no thoughts can roam around apart than yourself wishing to sing and dance around.

I am herewith oxford book of carols since 1928

Where lifes take you around with joy.

Christmas Carols for young and old.

~ A virgin most pure

~ Irish Carols

~ Dark the Night

~ Coventry Carols

~ Wonder tidings

~ Sussex Mummers Carols

~ Dives and Lazarus

~ Three Kings

~ Spanish Carol

~ Coverdale’s Carol

With 400 carols all the way to enjoy the moments.

Feel free to contact me at phoenix.asia09

Each Carol charges usd 0.99 via paypal will be sent directly to your email id.

Feel the emptiness with joy.


North and South Pole

The north and south pole are surrounded by ice, which can melt in the future.

It is like cat with broom with a bed of moon.

North is on the top of world and it is very cold ocean with polar bears and whales , fat walruses.

In winter it is frozen cold it melt fairly easily when summer comes.

Sea ice in the north has been melting away for decades and in some summers there is only half an ice cap there instead of a whole one.

South Pole is permanent bases ice of Antarctica is melting especially at the edges and one day it could all be gone.

It is melting point as sea rise up higher, which could be a problem.

A hundred million years ago, the whole world was so warm that dinosaurs lived in steamy swamps at the South pole.

If the ice melts again who knows what will be living there next?

Any guess .

Wrote by rksandhu

Drawing of love

Sharing with you the love of mother who dedicates everything of her life to her children keeping them happy, safe and cared all the time.

If god created goddess in life that is our mother who loves us wholeheartedly.

Dedicated my drawing to mum’s all around if you would like to fill the colour of your love in my drawing, please book with me while I ensure it is delivered to your doorstep.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Copyright and Wrote by rksandhu

Mermaid in my heart

Today I took some time and did few drawing while keeping my thoughts in the ocean where the beauty of mermaids join to embrace the power of nature.

The drawing will be add up page to Adult colouring book which is copyright for sure.

Sharing the mermaid in my heart with doodle design for colouring.

If anyone interested I will ensure the colouring book will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Copyright and wrote by rksandhu

The whispering lake ghost

Today I spent another 30 minutes going through a short story of children which is illustrated ny German Torres.

A mystery about sound by Lynda Beauregard, where it explains how the sound vibrates that moves in wave.

Souns how it was experimented with the pitch or the frequency of the sound wave.

How to calculate thunders and lighting 1125 x 5 = 5625 feet which means a mile away where the lighting struck on the ground.

Very nice and informative book.

If you have time read the book.

Thank you

Wrote by rksandhu

Reading day

Sunday was real relaxing reading story book “The Tempest” classical comic the entire play in quick modern english for fast paced reading.

Graphic novel, William Shakespeare

The story start with royal king was thrown out of kingdom with his daughter in a small boat just for the sake of rule of new king who was none other than his own brother plotted with his enemy.

A interesting book which outpaced every angle of comic making one understand and tuned for two hours reading.

Excellent, if anyone having interest to read this book just check out in the bookstore or else,leave me a message.

Thank you

Wrote by rksandhu

A mystery within my eyes

Look into the eyes.

Everyday waking up doing same routine made no difference to the life, but a knock on the door which is not attended can make life miserable.

Women dream to be protected, care and loved by everyone but when unfortunate situation happens that struck the light from the thunderbolt reflect on the face.

You can read the eyes of a female to know if situation was accepted with joy or shock.

This drawing is made by me if you can read through please leave a comment.

Thank you for your time.

Copyright and wrote by Rksandhu