North and South Pole

The north and south pole are surrounded by ice, which can melt in the future.

It is like cat with broom with a bed of moon.

North is on the top of world and it is very cold ocean with polar bears and whales , fat walruses.

In winter it is frozen cold it melt fairly easily when summer comes.

Sea ice in the north has been melting away for decades and in some summers there is only half an ice cap there instead of a whole one.

South Pole is permanent bases ice of Antarctica is melting especially at the edges and one day it could all be gone.

It is melting point as sea rise up higher, which could be a problem.

A hundred million years ago, the whole world was so warm that dinosaurs lived in steamy swamps at the South pole.

If the ice melts again who knows what will be living there next?

Any guess .

Wrote by rksandhu


8 thoughts on “North and South Pole

  1. The earth keeps changing. Some scholars even say it’s just not only human deeds leading to global warming but it is the process the earth is undergoing….and we’ll again have an ice age after this warm period. A very thoughful post, Reema.

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