A Liebster Award 2018

I am so glad to acknowledge the nominatiob given by “Daily Life Journey”, it was dated on January 3, 2018 , Ms khelzz from wordpress lovely lady full of joy and happiness.

Please stopby “Daily Life Journey” to visit her blog.

It is my second Liebster Award 2018 within short period of time, it help the first time blogger like me to be more encouraged and passionated to share my experience, feeling with everyone.

I am thankful to you “Daily Life Journey” appreciating my blog by nominating me.

Herewith the answers to question of Daily Life Journey.

1)What inspires you to write a blog?

It is my passion to share my stories, belief, experience with everyone.

2) Does your mood affects your writing?

No, it won’t affect as sharing my belief and daily inspiration with everyone.

3) How often do you travel?

Not much probably 2 to 3 times in a year.

4) what is photograph to you ?

A moment of life captured in a photo.

5) What do you do when you feel down and troubled?

I will start do things I like or search websites to see what is new around.

6) when was the recent fulfilling moment in your life?

Lovely as this award gives the fulfilling moment in my life for year 2018.

7) How much do you love your family?

I standby the toughest and roughest moment of my life, but at times I will shy away to share a smile 😍.

8) Who is your greatest inspiration in life?

A mentor who lead my life unknowingly after my dad passed away.

9) what hobby do you like and why?

I like drawing moves with my emotions.

10) What does “True Friendship” means to you?

Truly standing by the roughest and toughest moment and not believing fake rumours in the moment.

11) How do you handle different personality of people around you ?

It is vibe to be carried by being positive despite different views and opinions, be happy and carry on to improve their communication while understanding and respect every individual.

I nominated 11 bloggers whom deserve this award πŸ˜„


2. scripteum.wordpress.com


4. mirtillamalcontentabook.wordpress.com




8 juliagnzalez.wordpress.com




My question for the nominees are as follows:

1) What mattered in your childhood?

2) What is dining for you ?

3) who do you love most in your life?

4)How do you define richness?

5) How do you define poverty?

6) What is your favourite dish?

7) Do you like fishing?

8) Did you ever offered chairty to orphans?

9) what is your favourite colour and why?

10) What do you think about nature?

11) How do you define beauty?

Please reply all the question and acknowledge the nomination of Liebster Award.

Encourage all the new bloggers who deserves the award

Thank you so much

Wrote by Rksandhu


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